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How you feel in your bridal makeup is almost as important as how you feel in your dress, it all comes down to confidence and what makes you feel as beautiful as possible. If you book with me your trial will take place at my studio in Coventry where I have access to my entire kit and we can start to create your perfect bridal look. Below I have broken down what I believe to be the key reasons to invest in a trial and why I myself include a trial as part of my Bridal package as standard. I have also included some pictures of my previous brides at their trial and on their wedding day to give you an idea of what to expect.


Bridal makeup trials can be similar to dress shopping. You enter your appointment with your dream look in your mind or on a Pintrest board and actually when you have it tried on yourself it’s not quite as perfect as you wanted it to be. In your trial your makeup artist will sit down with you and all of your inspiration pictures and talk through what will work for your skin type, eye shape and colouring. You will then have the time to play around and tweak your look until you feel and look like the most beautiful version of yourself.

It's also worth noting that images from Pintrest can frequently be highly edited and not a true representation of how makeup will look on real skin. I would recommend choosing a few images from your artists Instagram or website of previous looks they have done that you like to have the best chance of creating a realistic expectation for how your makeup will look.


Sometimes makeup doesn’t quite perform how we want it to no matter how many tricks of the trade we use to ensure your makeup lasts all day. Having a trial allows us to make those adjustments to use different skincare, primers, mascaras or whatever it may be that hasn’t worked as well as we want it to so that on the day you really are safe in the knowledge that we have made the perfect choices and your makeup will last all day and night. You may also want to change your look from what you had in your trial, so having that extra appointment will let you really nail down how you want to look on your wedding day.


The morning of your wedding is one of the most amazing, exciting and potentially stressful mornings of your life. It’s so important to ensure that the people surrounding you make you feel relaxed and pampered. Having a trial will give you a good opportunity to get to know your artist and if that is someone who you trust to not only make you look and feel beautiful but also to keep you calm, relaxed and upbeat.

4. IT’S FUN!

Your makeup trial is another opportunity for you to feel pampered and be treated like royalty! I frequently have brides in my chair who have never had their makeup done professionally before and this is your chance to really indulge. Book yourself a lunch date with the girls or a night out to maximise on having your makeup done. I have done trials on birthdays, christening days even the morning of engagement shoots.


As I mentioned above, making plans for after your trial is a great way to see how your makeup will last and to also show it off! Look in as many mirrors as possible throughout the day to see how your makeup looks in different lighting and to see how it is wearing. I would also recommend taking lots of pictures. If your makeup isn't lasting as long as you were hoping or some areas are going patchy/smudging, make sure to take close ups of these as it will really help your artist to know what products to use on your wedding day to avoid it happening again.

Don't hesitate to ask questions after your trial and give some honest feedback of anything you think is important. Your artist would much rather know and fix it for you so you are completely happy with your makeup on your wedding day.

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